Charity head shave row

Chloe Newtown with her mum Donna
Chloe Newtown with her mum Donna
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A ROW has broken out after a school carried out its promise not to let a pupil who shaved her head for charity remain in class.

St Edmund Arrowsmith High School, in Ashton, said it would not allow Chloe Newton, 14, to have her hair cut off to raise funds for Willowbrook Hospice in Prescot as extreme hairstyles were against school rules.

Chloe went ahead with the shave and has already raised several hundred pounds, but when she turned up in for school last week staff phoned her mum Donna and asked her to collect her daughter.

However Donna, from Haydock, has now launched an attack on the school, saying she is taking Chloe out of St Edmund Arrowsmith and the teachers behaved in an unacceptable manner towards her.

Donna, of Lyme Street, said: “I’m absolutely appalled. Chloe’s very proud of what she’s done for charity and they’ve treated her like she has some sort of disease and hidden her away. A teacher shouted at her in front of half the school and humiliated her.

“She wanted to do something a bit different, if every charity fund-raiser was the same it would be boring. I think she’s very brave to shave her hair at 14 .

“We chose the date because it was the birthday of a relative who’s died, and Chloe got so much support we went ahead. We didn’t think it would cause so much fuss.”

The school says a member of staff spoke to Donna and Chloe at a recent review, saying she would only be allowed in school to collect sponsor money at lunchtime and should not wear her uniform.

However, Donna said she was led to believe Chloe would be allowed in isolation on the day she went into school, and was unaware of the change in arrangements.

St Edmund Arrowsmith deputy head Paul Eyes said: “Following the school’s decision not to sanction Chloe having her head shaven for charity, Mrs Newton decided to seek a place in another high school. Chloe has since met the school expectations with regard to her appearance.

“It was agreed that she should come into school over lunchtime. Chloe arrived in school at 8am in full uniform, wearing a hoodie. A member of staff asked her to take her hoodie off as this is not part of school uniform, She refused and was brought to me. I contacted Mrs Newton and she collected her.

“The school is sorry to lose Chloe and wishes her well.”