Chasm in the road

Work continues to fix a hole in the road on Wigan Lower Road, Standish Lower Ground
Work continues to fix a hole in the road on Wigan Lower Road, Standish Lower Ground

MOTORING mayhem has descended on Wigan after the emergence of a large crater forced the closure of one of its busiest roads.

The sewer collapse on Wigan Lower Road first began at the junction with Woodrush Road in Standish Lower Ground last Friday and at first engineers thought they could get by with temporary traffic lights.

But since then the hole has turned into a chasm and forced them to shut the road completely. It could remain closed for the rest of the week.

And is if that wasn’t bad enough, drivers sent on long detours by the closure have then been encountering more tailbacks caused by on-going roadworks in both Orrell and Beech Hill.

A United Utiltities spokeswoman that its staff worked throughout the weekend to dig down to the sewer and assess the damage.

Such was the extent of the collapse though, that it had also damaged a water main, which now needs to be repaired before any other work can be carried out.

She said: “We’re very sorry for any disruption this is causing.

“We know it’s a pain and we’ll get it fixed and the road reopened as soon as possible.”

It is the latest in a series of roadworks in the local area which have caused traffic disruptions.

One of the routes being used by commuters and other road users is through Shevington and then Kitt Green.

However, this route is already backed up with roadworks ongoing there too.

The National Grid has been carrying out vital works since early September, resulting in temporary traffic likes being in place at the junction of Spring Road and Gathurst Road.

They are set to be in place until Friday November 2, and with the added traffic coming from the Shevington area due to the problems at Wigan Lower Road, this route is now even more congested at peak times.

Elsewhere, the roadworks on the bridge at Scot Lane are set to finish imminently after hitting a series of snags along the way.

Due to be completed a fortnight ago, the date was put back after heavy rainfall.

There have been a number of other issues over the weekend but the traffic management on the site was set to be removed last night.

Just yards away though carriageway resurfacing is due to be carried out over a series of Sundays on Scot Lane from the canal bridge and into the junction of Beech Hill Avenue.

As a result, the roads on both sides of Woodhouse Drive will be closed on October 28 and November 4, 18 and 25.

Diversions are to be put in place for road users travelling from Shevington and Standish Lower Ground through Standish while Scot Lane and Beech Hill Avenue will be controlled by traffic signals.