Cherished medals stolen

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OFFICERS have made a plea for the return of cherished family mementos after medals of two generations of soldiers were stolen from a Wigan house.

Thieves also stole a stamp collection containing a rare Victorian Penny Black during the same raid on the house on Swinley Road, Swinley.

The burglary happened between the evening of Friday, August 17, and Monday morning, August 20.

Seven war medals awarded to the late husband of Nora Ince, 78, and his father, were stolen.

Both men served in the Royal Artillery and stationed in Malta. Her husband was called James Ince and served from 1952 to 1954 and his father was called Robert Ince and served from 1914 to 1918. She can remember that some of the medals were on multi-coloured ribbons and she thinks these where her husbands fathers medals.

The men’s names are on the medals but unfortunately there are no photographs of them.

Also stolen was a dark green stamp collection book which contains a rare Penny Black stamp. They usually have cerated edges but this one had straight edges and had a postal stamp on it. This was valued approximately 10 years ago at £50.

PC Vanessa Edwards, based at Wigan, said: “Nora’s late husband and his father served their country with distinction and it is disrespectful in the extreme for someone to steal their hard-earned medals.”