Chicken factory fined after pouring gallons of fat into drain


A WIGAN chicken factory has been fined for pouring away fats, oils and greases which could have blocked sewers and caused flooding.

Makentie Limited was prosecuted by United Utilities after the water company’s staff carried out investigations near the food firm’s base on Wood Street, in Golborne.

The poultry processing plant pleaded guilty at Warrington Magistrates’ Court to three breaches of the Water Industry Act 1991.

It was ordered to pay £5,523 costs and a total fine of £6,500.

Tom Lissett, Wastewater Area Business Manager for Cheshire, said: “All our customers expect an effective wastewater service, so it is important we prosecute offenders who continually ignore our advice and warnings.

“It takes a great deal of time and customers’ money to unblock sewers and in many cases the situation gets so serious it causes sewer flooding, which can be awful for people and bad for the environment.”

On three occasions last summer Makentie Ltd breached legal limits of what can be sent into the sewer regarding oil and grease, suspended solids and pH levels.

It is a criminal offence under section 121 of the Water Industry Act to send trade effluent into a public sewer which is outside limits agreed with the water company.

Tom added: “We look to work with our business customers and prevent breaches occurring in the first place rather than having to take action in court.

“However, where we see a significant risk or discussions do not progress we sometimes have to step in to protect our customers, assets and the environment.”

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