Christmas shop alert

Check your receipt - especially at this busy time
Check your receipt - especially at this busy time

BUSY festive shoppers are being urged to check their receipts as they race around the shops.

Consumers are being asked to check receipts line by line to make sure they are actually getting the offers advertised.

It’s unfortunate that some of those special offers and multi-buys at the shops aren’t exactly what they claim to be. Sometimes it is human error or the till set wrongly, but nationally trading standards officials have been alerted to customers finding bargains not checking out quite as advertised.

Coun Paul Prescott, chair of the council’s regulation committee, said: “Test purchasing nationally has shown that a number of the buy-one-get-one-free or other multi-deals are not as good as they look because the price saving, although displayed clearly on the shelf, does not always transmit to money off at the till.”

Officials were concerned that in the pre-Christmas rush around the shops, consumers may miss that they had actually paid for the advertised ‘one free’ and thrifty consumers may not see any price difference after they complete their shopping.

And so, Wigan Council’s fair trading team set out to visit supermarkets across the borough to ensure local consumers got exactly what they bargained for.

Most outlets locally were given a clean bill of health by the inspectors.

Those that hadn’t got it quite right will be trying a lot harder in future which has to be good news for the hard-pushed family purse.

As the sales season gets closer, trading standards officials will continue their checks.

If you find you have inadvertently paid for the ‘one free’ or that those ‘special offers’ aren’t that special, tell the retailer concerned immediately or contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.