Clean-up at former school site

Workmen clear up the old St Thomas Moore school site
Workmen clear up the old St Thomas Moore school site
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A CLEAN-up operation at a former Wigan secondary school site has now begun.

St Thomas More RC High School was demolished in 2007 after new pupil numbers started to dwindle in 2005. Since then, it has been a derelict eyesore.

Today, Liverpool Roman Catholic Archdiocese confirmed that although nobody had yet taken over the site, procedures were in place to clear and secure the site in a bid to tackle the problem of trespassing.

Much speculation has surrounded the site on Robin Park Road as to what will take its place.

Ideas that it would become a new fire station and that it would be a base to keep police horses have circulated but at the moment, the area is still up for sale.

A remaining two-storey section of the huge building was demolished in 2008. The school had stood in the heart of the area for more than 51 years.

A spokesman for Liverpool Archdiocese said: “We have been made aware of continuing problems of trespassing on the site of the former St Thomas More School.

“As it will be some time before any development will take place, we have made arrangements to clear and secure the site.”