Clothes and car set ablaze after argument


A LATE night domestic dispute saw a pile of clothes set on fire in the middle of a Wigan street.

Fire officers believe the clothes had been dumped and set ablaze following an argument between a couple.

And by the time a crew from Wigan fire station arrived on the scene the flames had spread to a car belonging to one of the pair.

Watch manager Tony Callaghan said his officers were called at about 2am on Sunday morning to an address in Worsley Mesnes.

He told Wigan Today: “This situation could have easily escalated, the clothes had been set alight but the plastic skirting under the car had then caught fire because it was right next to it.

“We think there had been some sort of falling out between the couple. When we first arrived we thought the car was on fire and it wasn’t until I walked behind that we noticed the pile of clothes.”

The flames were extinguished before extensive damage was caused to the vehicle.

Watch manager Callaghan issued a stark warning about the risks of deliberately setting items ablaze.

Adding: “If the call to us had been made 10 minutes later we could be talking about a serious fire where the car would have been completely destroyed.

“It goes without saying that under no circumstances should items be set alight, small fires can quickly become very serious.”