Coalition set to fight racism

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THE borough’s branch of the country’s leading anti fascist campaigning organisation – Wigan and Leigh Hope not Hate – will stage a meeting at Wigan’s Queens Hall Methodist Mission this evening (Wednesday) at 7.30pm.

The event has been called to formulate a response to the BNP’s intention to defend its seat during next year’s Euro elections. A spokesman said: “We are running a 2014 Euros and the local election campaign that will ensure an immense coalition.

“This will include progressive activists, faith and community groups, students and trade unionists will have a substantial effect on the election outcome.

“We will both challenge the myths and lies put out by the BNP and their ilk and also positively mobilise those people who are opposed to racism.”

HOPE not Hate was formed in 2004 as a positive antidote to extreme right wing groups such as the BNP and has the support of trade unions, celebrities and community groups across the country. It believes in localised campaigning, working within the communities where the organised racists are attracting their support, to “give confidence” to those opposed to racism and empower communities to provide a more positive alternative to the “politics of despair.”