Cocktail of drink and drugs killed father-of-two

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A COCKTAIL of drink and drugs led to the death of a Wigan man.

Ishmail Ulukmen, 44, of Vulcan Road, Wigan, was found dead at the home of a friend in Manor Road, Fleetwood, an inquest in the port heard.

He had choked on his own vomit after falling into a deep sleep.

DI Jill Johnston told the court Mr Ulukmen was found at the flat of Helen Monks who had been an acquaintance for about six weeks.

At 3am, on July 8, Mr Ulukmen, who worked in a local takeaway, asked if he could stay with Miss Monks. The father-of-two was extremely drunk and he slept in her bed while she slept in another bedroom.

In the morning Miss Monks checked him. She thought he was asleep because he worked nights and had been drinking heavily.

She went out of her house but when she returned realised there was something seriously wrong.

Miss Monks denied giving Mr Ulukmen drugs and police were satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances.

Pathologist Mark Sissons said Mr Ulukmen’s urine contained alcohol which would have meant he was two-and-a-half times above the drink drive limit.

He had also had a “massive” amount of methadone, although not an amount which would normally cause death.

Dr Sissons said: “I think he had become drowsy, gone into a deep sleep or coma, during which he has inhaled gastric content.”

Mr Ulukmen’s wife, Karen, told the inquest: “He could leave it for months and not drink, but when he did drink he didn’t know when to stop.

“It was like he could never get enough.”

Deputy coroner for Preston and West Lancashire, Simon Jones, recorded a verdict of misadventure.