College parking anger

Queensway, Swinley
Queensway, Swinley

RESIDENTS claim student parking is making their life hell.

They are now demanding action after the council embarked on a public consultation over new No Waiting restrictions in Whitley Crescent because of problems being caused by infirmary-based health workers leaving their vehicles during the working day to avoid the NHS’s controversial charges.

A mum who lives in neighbouring Queensway - who asked not to be identified - said that residents had “read with interest” press reports about moves to take action to allay congestion problems being caused by health workers parking in residential areas.

She is now calling on her Wigan Central ward councillor George Davies to intervene and ask the town hall’s Highways Engineers to draw up a similar scheme for them as well.

The woman said: “It’s a pity that the same concerns haven’t been listened to from the residents of Queensway, whose lives have been blighted for the last eight years by inconsiderate parking, litter and foul language that is endured on a daily basis by the so called students that attend the Pagefield complex.

“We have spearheaded a request by popular demand by the residents to request permit parking but it was deemed by the ever useful Wigan Council that there were enough drives and therefore permit parking was not granted.

“I personally have no drive to my house and find it so frustrating that all day I am forced to park at least 100 metres from my front door.

“In the last eight years I have had two children and have experienced some very difficult situations in transporting sleeping babies from my car parked in the next street!

“I have contacted the college on numerous occasions requesting that they ask their students to take their litter home with them, but yet again only yesterday I had to pick a large bag of used McDonald’s up and dispose of in my bin.

“I believe there is a charging facility in place on the car park but clearly some choose not to pay and clog up our street.”

But a spokesman for Wigan and Leigh College said: “There is parking available at our Pagefield Centre.

“The college regrets to hear of the problems that some of our neighbours are encountering.

“We continually work with our students to ensure that their behaviour and citizenship skills are of a high standard.

“There is parking available at our Pagefield Centre and although students and staff do have to pay to use the car park, this is a very small charge and is in place to allow us to manage our car parks safely.”

Kevin Hargreaves, traffic manager for Wigan Council, said: “Permit parking has been discussed but isn’t appropriate here or on Whitley Crescent because most residential parking is off-street.

“Controlled parking areas exist where a significant number of car owning residents and businesses don’t have off-street parking.

“Although no one has the right to park outside their house, permits give them a reasonable chance to park nearby where the regular and frequent parking of non-residents vehicles would prevent this.

“The council is looking to address the road safety concerns raised by residents in the Queensway area.

“The borough’s Traffic Management Unit, which includes representatives from the emergency services, have agreed proposals for double yellow lines at the junctions of Queensway/Lessingham Avenue, Queensway/Langdale Avenue and Queensway/Holme Terrace in Swinley.

“These will be advertised and if accepted, will help in maintaining visibility and access at these junctions.”