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Landgate Youth Club work on a comic book project
Landgate Youth Club work on a comic book project
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YOUNGSTERS are hoping to allay the fears of starting high school by sharing their wisdom on the subject via their own comic book.

Member of Landgate Youth Club set up their own transitions workshop for teachers and youth workers to help other young people who may be having the same fears.

The initial idea was born out of from work with Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust’s Arts Development Team, and local artist and photographer Paula Keenan is now developing a series of comic book-style pieces based on images of the group.

Voice and Engagement Team youth worker Gavin Newton said: “A few of our group were leaving primary school and we talked through a lot of the worries they had associated with that.

“The young people got a lot out of it so we all decided to develop the idea and to roll it out to others.

“The whole message of the project is that we want young people to know that everyone has these feelings about moving up to high school. It is normal to be worried but everyone is in the same boat.”

Courtney McQuade, 10, from the group said: “When we started talking about it we decided we could probably get a book together or something for other young people.

“In our group we were all worried about going to high school but the people who had already moved up told us what would happen and could answer our questions.

“They said they felt nervous and scared too but that you could make loads more new friends and learn more and then get to go to college.

The youth club meet at Landgate Community Centre every Thursday from 3.30pm until 5.45pm.