Comedy duo all set to take on the Fringe

Wigan stand-up comedians Joe Hughes and  Gary Lunt
Wigan stand-up comedians Joe Hughes and Gary Lunt

TWO young Wigan stand-up comedians will be dreaming of success when they perform their new show at the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe.

Gary Lunt and Joe Hughes will team up with Crewe-based performer Matt Gabrielli to put on A Spaghetti North-Western at the global arts celebration in the Scottish capital next month. The trio, all 25, have been performing together for around a year since Winstanley College students Joe and Gary met Matt on a writing course in Liverpool.

The show, which takes as its starting point Bryn performer Gary’s love of Westerns, features around an hour of stand-up routines interspersed with zany comic sketches and a few humorous songs played on the banjo.

Gary said: “I’m a big cinema fan and I watch a lot of those Western films. I was listening to some old Ennio Morricone tracks and thought it would be great music to play when you came on stage, so then I started coming up with some gags related to spaghetti Westerns and it went from there. I

decided to try and give it a Wigan twist, so I was imagining having the scenes with pies instead of guns and things like that. Edinburgh is where we’ve always wanted to be.

We went to watch some shows in 2008 and since then we’ve always said we will do something the next year.

“Last year we realised we were going to turn 25 and that kicked us into getting a show together.”

The three performers have appeared extensively on stages in Liverpool, Manchester and Preston and also warmed up for their month-long stay in Edinburgh with preview shows at Wallgate venue The Boulevard and Liverpool’s Lantern Theatre.

Gary hopes the show’s quick-fire format, with each comedian showing off their talent for around 15 minutes each and a range of different styles on display, means there will be something for everyone and audiences will leave the festival satisfied. He said: “We’re all quite separate in our approaches even though we’re all quite silly and it usually all comes down to comedy anarchy.

“Joe is very energetic and runs around all over the stage, whereas Matt is influenced more by people like Stewart Lee and tells long progressive stories. My routines are more about word play and I also like to do a few songs.

“We’re all still quite new to performing stand-up but we’ve progressed a lot and in the last 12 months it’s taken off quite nicely.”

A Spaghetti North-Western will run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the Sportsters bar from Monday to Friday between August 4 and 22, starting at 6.30pm.