Comic helps boost Andy’s fund-raising

Comedian Jason Manford
Comedian Jason Manford

A FACEBOOK post from comedian Jason Manford has helped raise thousands for a local man fighting for his life in a Tenerife hospital.

Andy Openshaw is currently on a life support machine on the Spanish island after a horror accident which left him with a fractured skull.

But his desperate family and friends need to raise £30,000 to pay for an air ambulance to bring him home and have launched a campaign to raise the money.

The 31-year-old suffered his horrific injuries while on a stag do in Tenerife on January 31 when he dived into an empty swimming pool for a midnight swim, thinking it was full.

It is believed the pool was closed for repair work and a police investigation is now underway to determine whether the area had been properly cordoned off.

The Evening Post ran a front page story on Monday to highlight the father-of-two’s plight and his family’s appeal to bring him home.

Funnyman Jason saw the article on our website and he proceeded to post a link to it on his Facebook page with the message: “I don’t understand why the Government or the travel insurance people aren’t paying for this. It just seems crazy!

“I helped a guy out a few years ago in a similar situation who collapsed on his wedding day in Greece, he is now, thankfully back home safe and sound.

“But this poor guy needs help now. If everyone of us gives five pence each then we could get the lad home by the end of the week!”

As a result of this, thousands of pounds started to flood in with the £10,000 mark exceeded.

After seeing the amount shoot up, he added: “Hey guys, brilliant work by the way earlier with donating money to get the very poorly Andy Openshaw back from Tenerife.

“From your donations they’ve gone from £3k to £10k in a few hours. They will be at the £30k they need by the end of the week at this rate!”

For more information on how to donate to the appeal, search Help get Andy home on Facebook.

A number of fund-raisers are also listed on the page.