Community aiming to save pool

Members of Save Our Swim have formed a Friends of Hindley Pool group to help reduce costs of Hindley Pool
Members of Save Our Swim have formed a Friends of Hindley Pool group to help reduce costs of Hindley Pool

A COMMUNITY group has been formed to help save a swimming pool.

Last year it was announced that the future of both Hindley and Tyldesley swimming pools were under threat in a bid to save costs.

Wigan, Leisure and Culture Trust and Wigan Council decided that community groups or volunteers would need to run the facilities - or they would face closure.

At the end of last year, Wigan Council’s cabinet committee allowed Hindley Pool, in Borsdane Avenue, to remain open at reduced hours until June.

Now members of the Save Our Swim group (SOS) have formed a Friends of Hindley Pool committee to improve the facilities and reduce the costs.

Ward councillor Jim Ellis, who is supporting the group, said: “We are currently trying to organise a big pubic meeting to get people to save the pool. As it stands, there is no way we can run the pool separately, as we can’t afford to employ people.

“What we can do, however, is reduce the deficit and help out with maintenance costs.

“We have been told that the interior needs painting and so forth and the council has been quoted £79,000. They must be joking - what are they doing for that?

“So we are wanting to find painters, decorators, plumbers etc who can do some work which we would supervise. We want to get members of the public to come in and help paint the interior. And we are looking for retired people who have time to help out - maybe as a receptionist of something.”

While the pool is open for fewer hours, the group hopes to increase attendance figures and has introduced giant inflatables for youngsters.

Coun Ellis added: “There is the possibility of increasing the hours back to what they were and someone was interested in putting activities on, so there are a number of avenues like that which we can explore. We could also rent some wall space for companies to advertise.”

The new group is still in its early stages and aims to set up a public meeting soon. For contact details and more information, email or visit the Save Hindley Pool page on Facebook.