Fury at evening bus cuts

Residents who use the bus service along Warrington Road in Leigh gather to protest against recent changes
Residents who use the bus service along Warrington Road in Leigh gather to protest against recent changes
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ANGRY residents fear being left stranded as a bus company cuts all public transport services to their homes in the evening next month.

People living without a car on Warrington Road in Leigh say they will be restricted to journeys of walking distance after Network Warrington announced it was cutting short its routes after 7pm.

Services which travel between Leigh bus station and Warrington will terminate at the Foresters Arms on the Glazebury side of the East Lancashire Road as of this month, leaving people facing a potentially perilous trip across the busy main road in the dark and unable to access services travelling to other parts of Wigan.

Unhappy campaigners say the situation is potentially dangerous and will hit elderly residents particularly hard.

Resident Bernard Wells said: “They’ve completely cut out the evening services leaving us with no buses after 7pm whatsoever.

“People dropped off will have to get across the East Lancs Road and the volume of traffic is unbelievable. You just can’t risk it as a pedestrian.

“The residents I have spoken to think this is a disgrace.

“If they want to visit family in Leigh or Wigan over Christmas they will be stuck.

“Elderly people are most likely to use the bus and it is too far for them to walk up Warrington Road, and Butts Bridge is also quite steep and has inserts in the flags to stop people slipping.”

The blow comes after Network Warrington used the forthcoming timetables to reintroduce more regular daytime services in Butts Bridge, following a decision to halve the number of buses each hour which led to passengers having to change at Culcheth and enduring lengthy waits for the connecting buses.

Mr Wells is now calling on passengers to make full use of the public transport in order to send out a message to transport companies how much bus services are needed in the area.

He said: “I can understand what Network Warrington is doing from an economic point of view and the amount of time saved, but it’s a social question of whether it’s right.”

Network Warrington will introduced the altered timetables on Monday December 16.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) said it was currently assessing the situation and would report its findings to a committee meeting on November 22.