Have a say on break-away

Coun Norman Bradbury
Coun Norman Bradbury
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RESIDENTS are being given their say over a council break-away bid by a borough town.

They are to be asked to let the council know their views on calls being made for a new parish council for Atherton, parts of Atherleigh and Tyldesley.

The consultation, known as a community governance review, is being launched following the submission of a petition to the borough council by a group of residents from Atherton, parts of Atherleigh and Tyldesley.

Council chiefs now have a legal duty to start the review process after receiving the valid petition calling for a town or parish council for Atherton, parts of Atherleigh and Tyldesley.

The council is consulting residents across the whole of the borough – responses must meet the deadline at the end of next month – as the cost of the review will fall on all council tax payers.

A town or parish council is an elected body made up of local people representing the interests of their community.

An area must become a parish council first and then decide whether to become a town council at a later date, and then apply for that status.

The only differences between them are that a town council has decided that it should be known as a town council instead of a parish council, and also usually has a mayor.

A town council in Atherton, or any other area, would be in addition to and not instead of Wigan Council.

It will be funded through an additional council tax payment called a parish precept.

Leader of the council Lord Smith said: “We would like to ensure that the size, population and boundaries of any local community, or proposed parish or town council, create a sense of place, with a positive feeling for people and local distinctiveness.

“But, we need to gauge what this looks like to our residents.”

But proposer Atherton WIN independent coun Norman Bradbury was angry the council quoted were quoted the kind of council tax rise that would be triggered on a Band D property when most in the area were infact Band B.

He said: “People who voted in favour of having a town council knew full well it is going to cost them something. A vote for the town council will be a vote for bringing back some civic pride that has been lost from the area because the ability to make your own decisions is very important.”