How to keep your children safe during the summer break

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WIGAN’S fire chiefs are warning youngsters to stay safe and keep out of danger during the school holidays.

As the weather begins to improve, youngsters will want to get out and about with their friends and enjoy their free time, but Wigan Borough Fire Commander Steve Sheridan says it is crucial that they are sensible in their decisions.

He said: “We want people to get out and about into the green spaces across the borough and act as responsible young adults, of whom there are many.

“But there are unfortunately some kids who want to start fires or who don’t realise the danger they could be getting themselves into. At this time of year there are many dangers to youngsters but two of the biggest we see are children playing around the waterways and those starting barbecues or camp fires.

“Even when the weather is hot we want to remind people that the water is still extremely cold and will incapacitate you very quickly and you could easily end up as a fatality.

“We also see a lot of people lighting fires using flammable spirits and before April we have already seen two people who have been injured seriously in doing this. We are not telling people not to have fun, but just to have fun safely.”

Another danger is buildings, particularly children climbing onto factory roofs and other buildings, which can all too often results in a fatal incident.

Commander Sheridan is also warning children about road safety.

The age group most at risk of being involved in an accident are children aged between five-14 years, with the highest casualty rates in 12-year-olds.