Magic in the air as Royal Wedding approaches

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WITH Royal Wedding organisers looking to create a magical day on April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton could turn to an increasingly popular form of entertainment to charm their guests.

The surge in popularity of close-up magicians at weddings and parties has seen new appreciation for an art form which for many years has been in decline.

BBC One show The Magicians has put magic back on our screens on Saturday nights and now husbands and brides-to-be are looking for tricksters to impress guests on their special day.

Ian Edgar, of Ian’s Close Up Magic, regularly performs at the Brocket Arms, in Mesnes Road, Swinley.

As well as wowing drinkers in the popular pub, the Pemberton magician shows off his array of tricks at events across the North West and has a proven a big hit with wedding planners.

Ian said: “I’ve been interested in magic since I was nine years of age, at first performing for my family and friends. Then two years ago I moved into doing it professionally.

“I perform at a lot of restaurants as well as weddings, christenings, corporate events and trade shows - places where you need live entertainment and magic.

“Some people freak out when they see my tricks and some people are a bit mystified. I try to get people to have fun and a laugh.

“Close-up magic is a great form of live entertainment for small or big groups of people, it’s very versatile.

“When I practice my tricks, it could take up to a month before I put it into my working repertoire.

“I hope shows like The Magicians will boost the profile of magic because it is a great form of entertainment. It’s not been on our TV screens for a long time and I think everyone just remembers Paul Daniels.

“But there’s Paul Zenon, David Blaine, and some great magicians over in America, so hopefully we’ll see more magic on our screens.

“I have a lot of inspirations, especially in America with Rocco, David Blaine, and if you’ve ever seen David Copperfield live, he’s absolutely fantastic.”

After seeing Ian work his magic in the Brocket, I decided to follow in his footsteps and conjure up my own piece of wizardry.

Dusting off an old card trick book, I spent an hour perfecting my routine before amazing my colleagues.

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