Merry men of Wigan are up for top award

Merry Hell
Merry Hell

A WIGAN folk band has been nominated for a prestigious award.

Eight-piece Merry Hell are currently in the running to win the Best Band award by folk website Spiral Earth.

They are now calling on the people of Wigan to vote for them.

Manager Damian Liptrot said: “We have no idea really how this nomination came about but we are very pleased about it.

“We just got an email one day saying we had been nominated.

“To win would be amazing. We would be an award-winning band and it would hopefully bring lots of exposure with it.”

Spiral Earth is highly regarded amongst the folk and festival community, providing information on the latest folk happenings. Damian says to win the award would top off a successful year for the group which is made up of brothers John, Andrew and Bob Kettle, Phil Knight, Lee Goulding and Tim Howard from The Tansads and new musicians Virgina Barrett and Andrew Dawson.

He said: “This would be the icing on the cake.

“This time last year, we could not have imagined everything that has happened to us.

“We have played sell-out gigs, made it to Haigh Fest, released our debut album and now this.

“Spiral Earth is regarded as one of the best sites amongst the folk community, and to be mentioned on there is a privilege. The Spiral Earth Awards are normally handed out to bands that are quite well-established.

“So for them to focus on a band like us that is up and coming, is another great thing. But we need people to support us, we want them to vote but to do it fairly.

“We’d ask people to check out the other bands first and see what you think of them before they cast their vote.

Also bidding for the title are Ahab, Ellen and the Escapades and the Woodbine and Ivy Band.

You can vote for Merry Hell by visiting Merry Hell play the Press Room on February 3 and the Avenue in Leigh on February 19.