Plans for 84 new homes

Land at Hindley has been earmarked for 84 homes
Land at Hindley has been earmarked for 84 homes

Controversial plans to build dozens of homes on industrial land will be considered by the planning committee next week.

Councillors will make a decision on Persimmon Homes’ application for 84 new houses in Hindley Green.

The site between Alder Lane and Green Lane is surrounded by businesses and the developers have had extensive discussions with Wigan Council officers about the building work, with the scheme to be put before the committee a reduction on the 124 homes originally proposed.

However, the plan has also run into considerable local opposition with 27 letters of objection sent to the town hall.

The proposal was originally going to be a delegated decision for officers but Hindley Green ward representatives Coun Keir Stitt and Coun Frank Carmichael have asked for it to go before the planning committee.

Residents also reacted with anger earlier this year when a JCB cut down trees and flattened much of the site, with neighbours claiming that this would have destroyed wildlife habitat.

However, the protests look set to be in vain as a report prepared for councillors recommends the application is approved subject to a list of conditions being met.

The report states: "The borough currently lacks a five-year supply of housing land and the development of this disused site would contribute to addressing this.

"The site is in a highly-sustainable location close to Hindley town centre and railway station.

"The proposals will have some limited environmental impacts both during the construction phase and once completed. However, these can be satisfactorily mitigated and minimised to an acceptable degree as proposed by conditions for landscaping, tree planting and theproposed requirement for a landscape management plan.

It is recommended that committee be minded to approve the application subject to the conditions specified."

The revised plan is for a development with a mixture of detached and semi-detached properties on the 2.98-hectare site. Four will have one bedroom, six will have two and there will be 63 three-bedroom and 11 four-bedroom homes.

The houses facing onto Green Lane and Alder Lane will have drives, with the remainder of the homes being accessed through a cul-de-sac leading off Green Lane.

The developers have proposed to build a landscaped mound with a large acoustic fence on top to block out noise from the industrial works to the south of the houses.

Residents have raised a large number of objections including access and road safety issues, with some neighbours preferring the road to the houses to come off Alder Lane, environmental damage, a lack of infrastructure in the area, problems with a drainage ditch collecting surface water and the impact on nearby businesses.

Although the site is technically listed as land for commercial use the council has accepted there is no chance of businesses using it.

A couple of trees will be given preservation orders and others will be replaced with alternative types which live longer and are visually more striking.

The developers are expected to have to sign a Section 106 agreement covering financial contributions towards affordable housing, traffic-calming measures, education, off-site provision of play facilities, travel plan supervision and details of the maintenance and management arrangements for the on-site landscaped buffer.