The Liam Farrell Column: HJ riot was timely win

Liam Farrell scores against Warrington
Liam Farrell scores against Warrington

LAST week’s win was one of our most consistent performances of the year.

We felt we dominated Warrington – and one of the things which pleased Shaun Wane was our defence.

We had some aggression about us, which we needed to show because the last time we played them we got bullied a bit.

I thought our attack was quite good in the conditions and everything we had been working on seemed to come together. It was probably one of the most complete performances this year and it’s not a bad time to come.

It was nice to get over for a try, too – although I must admit, I wasn’t sure if it was going to get the green light or not.

Once it went up to the video ref’, and I saw it on the big screen, I thought it was a try.

I remember my debut a clear as it was yesterday – I was lucky enough to score, too,but it was nothing like the try Oli scored!

Liam Farrell

I know some say it shouldn’t have been awarded, that Stef Ratchford grounded the ball, but to me, it looked like he didn’t have control on putting it down.

But the week before against Leeds, we had a couple decisions go against us – it’s just the way it goes.

Our fans were terrific on Friday night, they really turned up and their support was great.

And I thought Gells’ response to Warrington’s ‘Pie Smash’ video was great!

He made his own video which he posted on Twitter, and when he showed some of the lads and we were in tears laughing.

But that’s Gells all over.

I WAS chuffed Oli Gildart got his chance last Friday night.

Waney made a big deal of it, he had his dad (Ian) in to present him with his shirt before the game – I’m sure was a proud moment for them both.

Oli’s been pushing for a spot for a few months and he didn’t look out of place, and got a nice try on debut. He’ll remember that for a long time.

I remember my debut a clear as it was yesterday – I was lucky enough to score, too,but it was nothing like the try Oli scored!

THERE’S been a bit of talk recently about reviving a reserve grade competition for next year.

I hope it gets off the grounds, because the current system isn’t fair on the fringe players.

When I was coming through, it was Under-18s and the U21s, which then allowed three or four open age players.

It was good for the older players, because it gave them a game if they couldn’t get in the senior squad, or if they were coming back from injury. And it was good for the younger lads playing with and against them as well. But then they changed it to an U19s, with no allowance for older players, and a dual-registration system which ended last month.

That means lads like Lewis Tierney, Rhodri Lloyd and my brother, Connor, probably won’t get a game until next year.

I think it’s harsh, especially at the back of the season because they are more than likely not going to play in the first-team – and if they are called upon, they won’t have played for five or six weeks. There has to be a better way.

ON Saturday afternoon, I’ll probably sit down and watch the Challenge Cup Final.

I know some of the lads will dodge the game, but I’ll watch it.

And when I see Hull KR and Leeds walking out at Wembley, I’m sure it’ll be painful viewing.

Because we’re still massively disappointed not to be involved.

I’m hoping it’s a closer game than many are expecting, but it’s hard to look beyond Leeds winning.

If it’s a dry day, their backs will enjoy Wembley’s wide pitch and I think they may win quite comfortably. If it’s rainy, KR may have a chance, but even then they’re going to need to turn up with their best game.

That’s not beyond them - they’ve beaten us, Catalans and Warrington to get to the final. But can they produce that one more big performance? I’m not sure.

I’d certainly be happy for them if they did it. Not just because they were the team which knocked us out, but also, it would be nice to see a new name on the Cup.