Wigan charity gets cup leftovers

Ashton Athletic committee members Lisa Daniels (left) and Karen Picton
Ashton Athletic committee members Lisa Daniels (left) and Karen Picton

A Wigan football team found a silver lining after a disappointing defeat by donating leftover match day food to a local homelessness charity.

Determined not to be deflated after their most successful ever FA Cup run came to an end, Ashton Athletic delivered mounds of uneaten sandwiches from the game to The Brick Project.

Despite being one of the most hotly anticipated matches in the club’s recent history against Chorley FC, the volunteer staff overestimated the match day attendance, with an expected crowd of 1,000 ending up being just over 600.

Karen Picton, committee member at the Brocstedes Park club, said: “We expected between 800 to 1,000, so we had over-catered, and around only 610 came.

“It was a lot of fresh rolls that we were left with, and there was much left over!

“We had the idea of passing them on to a homeless charity, and someone at the club mentioned The Brick.”

Karen delivered the surplus food herself, which was welcomed with open arms by the Arcade Street charity.

And Karen also noted that the donation hadn’t come a moment too soon.

“They really welcomed it. They don’t seem to get a lot of fresh food in, and the office where I went was full of homeless people who needed help, so the food definitely didn’t go to waste.

“They also asked if we had spare rucksacks that the homeless people could use for winter, because they need them to carry all the extra warm stuff.”

Ashton’s historic FA Cup adventure came to end with a narrow 1-0 home defeat to Conference North side Chorley, in the third qualifying round.

Victory would have placed them just one more win away from the first round proper of the prestigious tournament. Karen added: “It’s the furthest we’ve ever been in the cup.

“It was still an enjoyable day even though we lost!”

The Brick Project offers services to people who are homeless and in poverty. As well as offering a crisis intervention service, it also runs Wigan’s largest food bank.

It relies on donations from businesses and the public. For more information on how to donate, visit thebrick.org.uk.

The centre was approached for comment but a spokesman was unavailable.