Compensation for lollipop lady hit by car

Lollipop woman Karen Littler who was hit by a hit and run driver at her crossing in Ashton
Lollipop woman Karen Littler who was hit by a hit and run driver at her crossing in Ashton

A HIT-and-run driver has been ordered to pay damages to a Wigan lollipop lady she ran down in the street.

Victim Karen Littler says she is still wary of crossing the street a year since she was sent flying into the road by Ceris Lovett.

The latter was driving a brown Honda Insight at Karen’s crossing on Liverpool road in Ashton as she helped children across the road.

Lovett was later convicted of driving without due care and attention by Wigan magistrates last year.

And because of a lack of response from Lovett’s road traffic insurers to Karen’s injury claim after suffering severe bruising from the impact, civil proceedings were issued which have resulted in compensation.

She declined to reveal the precise amount of damages but it is a four-figure sum.

The 49-year-old mother of four said: “I’m extremely happy with the result of my case and the way my solicitor has handled everything although I am still wary of stepping out onto the road with the children in the mornings but I’m getting better.

“I went back to work almost immediately after the incident. I thought that if I had left it any longer I wouldn’t have gone back at all and I really didn’t want to lose any confidence because I love my job.

“I love seeing the children and seeing their smiling faces in the morning. We always have a chat and it makes my day.

“But after everything, I am more aware of the traffic a lot more and it has made me so much more alert when doing my job.

“I can finally get back to normality now that it is all over with and resolved.”

Karen, of Monmouth Crescent, suffered bruising all down the left-hand side of her body after being hit by the car at 8.20am and said that she did not even see it coming.

Instead of coming to the stricken Karen’s rescue, the motorist just drove off. She was pursued by a witness who managed to read the registration plate of the vehicle and inform the police.

Paul Williams of Williams and Co Solicitors said: “This was a difficult and unusual case, I’m very pleased that all our hard work resulted in justice for Karen.”