Complaints over flats’ service bill

Alasdair Chisholm
Alasdair Chisholm

UNTIDY communal areas, overflowing rubbish and peeling paintwork are just some of the complaints being made by Wigan’s high-rise residents.

Alisdair Chisholm, who lives in Boyswell House, Scholes says he has not paid his £15 a week service charge to Wigan and Leigh Housing since September in protest at the service.

The charge, which applies to all council flats, covers a range of services such as a concierge system, caretaking, cleaning, CCTV and maintenance and repairs.

But Mr Chisholm says many of these services are not being carried out properly.

He said: “I’ve been involved in a dispute with Wigan and Leigh Housing since September over not paying this charge.

“But I don’t see why I should, the communal areas are very rarely kept clean, to the standard we would expect at least.

“We don’t see a caretaker from Friday evening until Monday morning so quite often there is rubbish left all over the place outside.

“There is paint peeling off the walls and various other repairs that need doing. I have no problems in paying a service charge if I was getting a service but I’m not. Other residents are annoyed about this too.”

Vicky Bannister, Director of Housing Management, said: “We are aware of Mr Chisholm’s complaints and are looking into the matters he has raised and attempting to reach an agreement with him.

“Service charges cover a whole host of items including CCTV, caretaking, lift maintenance, communal lighting and TV aerials. With regard to non-payment of service charges, then we advise any tenant that these should be paid.

“If tenants have complaints then these are looked into and every effort made to resolve them. However, we would advise tenants not to withhold payment as this could lead to legal action being taken to recover the property.”