Concern over outbreak of winter vomiting bug

Basic hand hygiene can stop the spread of the norovirus bug
Basic hand hygiene can stop the spread of the norovirus bug

WIGAN health bosses have issued urgent advice on how to cope with the winter vomiting bug after a number of outbreaks across the borough.

Several schools have seen scores of pupil absences caused by the highly contagious norovirus.

The nasty bug causes vomiting and diarrhoea and can affect people of all ages.

While it can cause rather severe symptoms, norovirus usually clears up without sufferers having to have any sort of medical attention.

Director of public health in Wigan, Prof Kate Ardern, said: “Sadly there is no treatment for the virus but you can take steps to help your recovery such as keeping hydrated to replace any lost fluids.

“Most people will recover in a few days and there are no long term effects.

“Anyone who thinks they have norovirus should call the NHS 111 service and not go to their GP or hospital as it is highly contagious.

“It is also important that anyone who has been affected should not go back to work or school straightaway as you can still be infectious up to 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped.”

Norovirus is the most common cause of stomach bugs in the UK and there at least 25 different variations of the bug.

Number estimated between 600,000 and 1m people catch it each year.

In addition to keeping yourself hydrated, sufferers are advised to take paracetamol for any aches and pains and eat foods which are easy to digest.

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