Concerns over flats on site of former borough pub

The former Dray King pub
The former Dray King pub

The organisation which will look after 22 new flats on the site of a borough pub has spoken after residents raised concerns.

Neighbours near the former Dray King pub, on Long Lane in Hindley Green, told of a lack of communication over progress and how this had raised fears people with serious illnesses or needs might be moving in.

Another area of concern is the construction of a raised patio, which residents say reduces the privacy of their gardens.

However, the chief executive of My Space Housing, which will run the facility once Enabling Homes has finished building it, says residents will be consulted and a public event will take place, but only once they have the building.

Andy Goodson also tried to allay some of the worries and said it is not My Space Homes’ intention to cause any worry or problems.

Mr Goodson said: “There will be people with low-level needs there who require support. We help them pay their bills and look after the flat they live in.

“We’re not a care provider, and we don’t take on people with complex medical or mental health needs.

“The reason we’ve not been in touch is we haven’t taken the building over yet.

“Once that happens we will be having a meeting in the building itself and residents are welcome to come.

“I can understand why people are concerned. We want to avoid this being seen as a nightmare building before it is even open.

“We are here to help vulnerable people in a safe and sustainable way, not to cause disruption to people.”

Local fears have been previously stoked as the construction process for the flats has not been straightforward, as previous site owner Rydal Homes went bust. One resident said: “We’ve not been told who is going to be there and that’s a concern.

“There are building problems with drugs around here and we are feeling a bit threatened by it all.

“We’d also like the patio moved to another area as it is high compared to the rest of the land.”

Mr Goodson said he would be prepared to discuss altering the patio layout.

Anyone with concerns is invited to call My Space Housing on 01204 694154.