Conman abuses his victim

Crime story
Crime story

AN ANGRY conman turned on his victim when he was caught out.

Retired John Lowe challenged the fraudulent voice on the telephone after it offered him a large “Government” rebate... as long as he agreed to pay a chunk of commission up front.

And rather than put the phone down on him, the retired sales executive was than stunned to get a volley of abuse down the line for his trouble.

Unruffled John believes that his name and number may be on a data base being passed around foreign based illegal “phishing” operations because he was formerly registered as working from home.

He spoke out today because he is concerned that some older people may be taken in by the official sounding spiel...and lose hundreds of pounds of their pension in the process.

The conman, who called himself Ryan Harris, asked for John by name when he called.

He claimed to be from a fictitious government agency called the UK Government Finance Department.

And, using suitably professional-sounding language, he attempted to persuade John that he was owed a £3,495 cash rebate under the National Insurance regulations because of over-payments Mr Lowe had allegedly made in the past.

But the conversation turned nasty when Mr Lowe asked where the caller’s office was in case he needed to check back with him. The conman asked John, 71: “Are you deaf...or daft?”

He then gave him a volley of aggressive abuse before putting the phone down on him.

Mr Lowe said: “When I asked him where in the world he was calling from he suddenly got really agitated and said, who in heck are you to ask where I am calling from?”