Cops’ Flickr of interest

Motorway snow on Flickr
Motorway snow on Flickr
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LOCAL police are capturing the moment as their Flickr pages rack up more than a quarter of a million views.

Flickr is social networking site similar to Facebook that allows users to share pictures with people around the world, join groups and leave comments.

The Greater Manchester force uploads images and videos to show its day-to-day work, from major operations to local community events. Photos of this year’s adverse weather conditions and high-profile drugs raids are among the most viewed.

With more than 1,300 images now uploaded, GMP’s pages also include historic photographs dating back to the 19th century and an image of a group of Peelers, which is one of the earliest known images of policing in the area.

To celebrate its first year on Flickr a selection of GMP’s best images have been published and are available by visiting

Communications chief Amanda Coleman said: “We use Flickr and other social networking sites to provide an insight into how we work and to keep people updated on police activity. Social media is a great tool for us to talk and share information with the public and another opportunity for people to get in touch and tell us what they want us to be doing in their area.”