Cops with cameras

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BEAT bobbies have been fitted with personal cameras thanks to the fund-raising efforts of the local community.

The neighbourhood policing team in the Birch Green area of Skelmersdale was able to buy the high-tech kit thanks to a donation from the area’s residents’ association.

The cameras, which can either be clipped onto an officer’s stab vest or mounted inside a vehicle, will help to capture crime on film.

Birch Green Police PCSO Neil Smith said: “We work closely with the residents’ association to tackle the issues that matter the most to the community.

“We value their support in funding this equipment which will help to gather video evidence that can be presented to the courts to show exactly what happened during an incident.

“The cameras are also an effective deterrent to anyone engaging in or threatening violent or anti-social behaviour, helping to keep the area a safe place.”

Specialist body cameras are worn by many officers across the Lancashire force to gather audio and visual evidence on a variety of crimes including domestic violence and anti-social behaviour.