Council gets tough on noise

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BARKING dogs, loud music, intruder alarms, pubs and noise caused by do it your self enthusiasts are all set to be tackled by Wigan Council as part of Noise Action Week 2014.

All of these are top of a list of complaints received by Wigan Council by residents concerned about noise.

The initiative aims to provide an opportunity for anybody concerned with noise to raise awareness of the impact noise has on our health and well being.

Research findings show noise is important to happiness at home and most neighbourhood complaints to local authorities are about noise (that doesn’t include complaints direct to neighbours or housing providers), and that half a million people moved home in a year because of noise.

A spokesman for Wigan Council said: “Noise Action Week gives a focus for local authority noise teams, housing providers, mediation services, health professionals and businesses concerned with reducing the impact of noise to raise awareness of noise reduction solutions – which are often very simple.

“We all hear noise from neighbours from time to time – its a part of everyday life and keeps our neighbourhoods vibrant. However, too much noise in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause friction between neighbours.

“According to research, nearly two thirds of people are bothered by noise from neighbours, with one in 10 kept awake at night by noise.”

Council representatives will be on hand to offer advice in Wigan town centre tomorrow (Thursday, May 22) in the Grand Arcade.

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