Council happy to reveal its parking fines and fees total

A traffic warden
A traffic warden

WIGAN Council chiefs say they are willing to publish details of the cash they make from parking fees and fines.

They were prompted to make the statement after MPs said local authorities should disclose annual reports to show where this type of revenue comes from and how it is being spent.

The MPs said the use of fees specifically to raise revenue was “neither acceptable nor legal.”

An Evening Post request to Wigan Council using the Freedom of Information Act earlier this year revealed that it made a £1.9m profit from parking charges and fines over the past three years.

Terry Dunn, council environment director, said today: “The Council would be happy to provide information on the levels of income collected and where these monies are expended as it does now in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.”

Council bosses say that they believe the prices charged to motorists are fair. Kevin Hargreaves, traffic manager for Wigan Council, said: “The money the council gets from parking is ploughed straight back into services road users directly benefit from. It goes towards paying the council’s £14m bill for highways maintenance, street lighting, road safety improvements and gritting.”

The House of Commons Transport Committee said authorities in England had a collective parking surplus of hundreds of millions of pounds.

Greater Manchester parking profits came to £13.6m in the year 2011 to 2012. This was £6.3m more than the previous year.