Councillor’s action call outside high school

The flood on Warrington Road, Ashton
The flood on Warrington Road, Ashton

FLOODING outside a Wigan high school is causing chaos for staff and pupils.

And now a local councillor is demanding action to solve the problem.

Coun Paul Tushingham says he has spoken to Wigan Council about a continuing problem with residual rainwater collecting outside Byrchall High School, in Warrington Road, Ashton.

As heavy rain has been falling over the last couple of days, deep puddles have formed on the road and pathway next to a bus stop, causing an inconvenience for children and passengers waiting to board the bus.

Coun Tushingham said: “Two years ago I reported a part of Warrington Road near Brychall High School as being flooded.

“Every time it rains the water collects from the wall at the school across the whole width of the pavement and through to half the road. It must get to six inches deep.

“Vehicles are having to drive through the puddles and if they do so at a speed, there will be a massive splash for people waiting at the bus stop, which is very annoying. They will be drenched.

“The water is also on the pavement which children use which is an inconvenience.

“If there is a problem, I want a solution. The water does not go into the draining system, instead it runs onto the embankment.

“I am concerned about the safety of pedestrians. No-one can stand at the bus stop, otherwise they will be sprayed with cold, dirty water.

“I want something done about this. There has been a lot of rain, but the drains and gullies should provide enough capacity for the water to drain off.”

A spokesman for Wigan Council said that engineers were currently inspecting the area with underground cameras and will assess the problem.

Wigan Council’s Head of Infrastructure, Mark Tilley said: “We are aware of this situation and an investigation is currently under way.

“We do sympathise with the councillor’s and residents’ concerns and we are doing all we can to help. Once we have identified the source of the problem we will take the appropriate action.”