Councillors’ promise

Mike Crosby at Shevington Park
Mike Crosby at Shevington Park

THREE Wigan councillors are promising radical improvements to their ward.

Councillors Mike Crosby, Paul Collins and Damian Edwardson, who represent Shevington with Lower Ground, say they are working hard to ensure residents see significant changes to play and open spaces in their ward.

They have recently met with officers of Wigan Council to try and ensure more investment is brought into the ward to enable them to continue their work of improving facilities and play equipment throughout the ward.

Recent improvements funded by their Brighter Borough money include work on Coronation Park in Standish Lower Ground to create a five-a-side pitch, and a full sized pitch for rugby and football and improvements to the facilities and infrastructure in Stockley Park in Appley Bridge, Whiteacre Park at Shevington Moor.

They have also had success on the Recreational Ground in Shevington, where a technique called earth-quaking to release compacted soil was undertaken which has significantly improved the drainage issues. Coun Crosby said: “It is fair to say that over recent years parks in Shevington with Lower Ground have not had their fair share of funding allocated for new play equipment and upgrades to facilities.

“I have been trying to get two pieces of inclusive play equipment for Shevington Park for several months, but changes in the way money is allocated have caused a delay.

“We have explained the situation to Council Officers and although they have been extremely sympathetic to our request and have agreed to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, we are still awaiting the final agreement of when the equipment will be installed. As you can imagine this is causing some frustration amongst our residents, especially as they have seen our neighbouring wards receive investment in equipment worth tens of thousands.

Coun Collins added: “All we ask is that the wards get a fair deal when money is being allocated.”