Councillors wages stopped over phone bill

Emma McGurrin
Emma McGurrin

A COUNCILLOR’S wages have been stopped in a bitter dispute over a huge bill for alleged personal calls on her authority-supplied smart phone.

Borough finance chiefs claim Coun Emma McGurrin owes the council thousands in a “scandalous misuse of public money” since being elected.

The Standish politician stands accused of:

Running up big bills, including one of more than £1,300 in just one year;

Having to replace her council phone five times after previous ones were lost or stolen;

Using the phones to make international calls, ring for taxis and phone pubs and hotels late at night.

They have now decided to freeze her remaining councillor’s monthly allowance this financial year to claw it all back.

But Coun McGurrin, already suspended by the Labour Party after an on-going police inquiry into her child-care expenses, hit back today by consulting solicitors and counter-claiming the council are breaching their own and national local government rules with the action.

She insists she is the victim of a council “political witch hunt.”