Couple’s hellish ordeal

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AN elderly couple were tied up during a terrifying and violent robbery.

Between midnight and 2am last night (Sunday), two men broke into a caravan in the grounds of a home on Withington Lane, Aspull.

The 75-year old owner returned to his home when he was attacked. He was punched in the face and a knife was held to his throat. The robbers demanded money.

He was tied up in his car before the men disabled the power lines to the home, stole his house keys and went inside, confronting the victims’ wife.

The robbers forced the 73-year-old woman into the bedroom and demanded cash, before tying her up. The men then brought her husband from the car and tied him up alongside her.

Electrical equipment, jewellery and mobile phones were stolen as well as the victim’s 2006 silver Nissan X-Trail.

Police were contacted after the couple managed to free themselves and make a call from a nearby telephone box.