Crackdown call over yob troubles

Oaklands Road Play Area in Lowton where resident are complaining of anti-social behaviour
Oaklands Road Play Area in Lowton where resident are complaining of anti-social behaviour

RESIDENTS on a housing estate are demanding an end to anti-social behaviour at a newly-constructed play area.

People living near the Oaklands Road playground in Lowton say the area has become a magnet for large groups of teenagers to hang around in the evenings.

They say the young people are meeting up to drink alcohol in the play area, leaving large amounts of litter, drawing graffiti on and vandalising the play equipment, which was only installed in thanks to £45,000 of Lottery funding.

There have also been reports of young people recklessly riding scooters without helmets on Oaklands Road, and isolated incidents of a laser being shone into homes and people playing golf in the adventure playground with balls flying close to several houses.

The Oaklands and Meadows Residents’ Association have been receiving regular complaints about the park, and are encouraging homeowners to report incidents to the local PCSOs. They are also in talks with the Council over the possibility of introducing a dispersal zone.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I went past the park the other night at about 10.15pm and there must have been about 18 teenagers there drinking. Sometimes if the weather’s nice they stay there all night. A couple of people have approached them asking them to move and received a fair amount of abuse.

“Someone also said this week that youngsters with no helmets were riding scooters up and down Oaklands Road. They were putting a scarf down on the road and picking it up as they rode past without getting off.

“I haven’t heard any reports of damage to private property or houses but they’ve left cans and litter all over the place in the park, and some days the state of the area is an absolute disgrace.”