Crews meet young VIPs

Children from Belarus visit Wigan Fire Station
Children from Belarus visit Wigan Fire Station

A WIGAN fire crew had a VIP visit when children from Chernobyl spent the day learning how to be a firefighter.

The children, who are in the borough for a number of days, spent a fun-packed day with Wigan’s Blue Watch being shown around the different appliances and getting a feel for the workings of a fire station.

But the undisputed favourite activity of the children, from Belarus, on the day was taking it in turns to use the water hose while dressed in the firefighters’ uniform.

Chairman of the Fire Authority, Coun Fred Walker, said: “Many fire and rescue services across the UK have supported these visits following the disaster in Belarus because many of their firefighters and families were affected.

“Visiting the fire station is only a small part of the children’s busy schedule.”