A danger to society: rapist jailed for 17 years

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson

A man who was branded a “danger to society” by his own mother more than a decade ago has been caged for a series of sickening child sex offences.

Michael Derek Thompson, 31, of Leigh Street, was jailed for a minimum of 17 years at Bolton Crown Court after pleading guilty to three rapes and two sexual assaults of children under the age of 13.

The serial offender, originally from Bryn, has a history peppered with offences and has already been locked up at Forest Bank Prison in the past for beating his sister’s disabled partner with a baseball bat.

The violent pervert received 17 years, 13 years and 13 years custodial sentences for each count of rape respectively, each to run concurrently.
He also received four years for a fourth count of sexual assault. The fifth count of sexual assault is to lie on file.

Thompson has also been given a lifelong Sexual Harm Prevention Order. He will serve 17 years and, if he is worthy of release at this time, will be made to serve a three-year period on licence.

In his late teens, his reckless behaviour drove his own mother, Angela, to speak out about her fears for his future and others.

Following a string of driving offences back in his youth, a desperate Angela warned police that her then 18-year-old son was a “danger to society”, telling officers how she had caught him on a stolen motorbike without a helmet and that he was driving various vehicles without a licence, insurance or a legitimate MOT in place.

Her bravery led to her son’s arrest and incarceration.

Speaking at the time, she said: “I am relieved and at the same time I’m not, as he is my son, but he deserves to be in prison for what he has done.

“I want him to stay there for the remainder of his sentence. If he comes out early it might just happen all over again.”

Just five years later in 2010, aged 23, Thompson was jailed again for the brutal attack on his sister’s former partner.

The court heard how Thompson, along with two accomplices, burst into Darren Thompson’s home while he was lying unsuspecting on the couch and rained down on him with a baseball bat, causing him cuts and bruising.

Thompson pleaded guilty to wounding with intent on the basis that he believed his sister had been the victim of domestic violence that day and in the past.

On the day of his sentencing in June 2010, Thompson turned up to the court, but fled before his hearing to “say goodbye” to his young children.

Whilst Thompson was in jail for the original offence, he admitted to stealing up to £3,000 of historic valuables from Winstanley Hall.

Thompson who was 24 by this point was handed an 18-month prison term to add onto the two-and-a-half-year sentence he was already serving for wounding.

The court was told that he had rung police from prison to say he wanted to confess to other crimes so he could
make a fresh start and went with police in a patrol car to identify address which he had burgled. He also asked that 13 other offences be taken into account.