‘Bad blood’ led to tragic death

Deep Pits fishing lake where the body was found off Hemfield Road, Hindley
Deep Pits fishing lake where the body was found off Hemfield Road, Hindley

THE POLICE officer who investigated the death of Dylan Aaron has told of the ‘bad blood’ which led to the tragic incident in which Dylan was killed.

Vinny Chadwick, the Senior Investigating Officer into the death of the 17-year-old who drowned following a confrontation at Deep Pit pond in May last year, also said that Dylan’s family were “completely heartbroken” by his death.

Speaking after the end of a three-week trial, he added that the family had “acquitted themselves with great dignity” throughout the trial of David and Drew McGrail.

David McGrail was yesterday cleared of all charges and Drew McGrail was found not guilty of murdering Dylan, but guilty of manslaughter.

Following the conclusion of the trial at Liverpool Crown Court, he spoke of the lead up to the confrontation between Dylan Aaron and Drew McGrail, which ended in Dylan drowning in a pond in the dead of night.

He said: “On the evening leading up to the tragedy, Drew McGrail and his friends put the window out of Dylan’s father’s car. Both families lived on the same street and this was part of an on-going family problem. Dylan returned home and found the damage. Believing he knew who was responsible and where he could fine them, he went up to Deep Pit Pond and it ended up in a fight between Dylan and Drew McGrail.

“The upshot of it was that they ended up on the banks of the pond where Drew pushed Dylan in. He threatened him and abused him to stop him getting out and Dylan then attempted to swim to the other side. He got into difficulties due to the cold water and tragically was unable to be saved.

“It was a tragic series of events that led to the death of this young man and his family are distraught by his loss.

“It has destroyed them. They have been brave and dignified throughout the trial and the jury has found Drew McGrail guilty of manslaughter from the evidence they heard.

“The investigation was difficult and used a tremendous amount of resources, such as the underwater search team, which were able to recover several items that had been thrown into the pond, which is difficult to search due to the nature of the geography in which it lies.”

The McGrail’s denied murder and manslaughter charges, claiming the death of Dylan had been “an accident” and they had not wanted any harm to come to him.

During the trial, it was revealed that at the time of the tragedy, in the early hours of May 30, 2010, Dylan was on bail on condition not to contact David McGrail because of previous incidents between them.