Billy Livesley murder trial: Facts agreed by the defence and prosecution

Billy Livesley
Billy Livesley

As the Billy Livesley trial continues, the court heard the facts that had been "agreed" between them and the defence.

The prosecution yesterday finished its case by reading out these points.

They said David Connors left the area after Billy was injured, heading to Skelmersdale in a Vauxhall Astra owned by his girlfriend June Turner.

The Ford Transit van was recovered on Belmont Avenue after a police officer stationed at the car park on Bickershaw Lane was handed a note at 12.25pm the following day saying the van had been dumped and “three fellas ran off”.

The times of phone calls and text messages between the Connors and Mr Price were given to the court, starting with a call from Peter Connors to David Connors at 9.09pm on December 28 and continuing until just before midnight.

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There were no phone calls between Billy and the defendants between December 22 and 29 and no contact between Mr Pownall and the defendants.

Peter Connors was arrested at an address on Hollands Road, Hindley, on January 2, with his brother David Connors arrested at Bickershaw Lane caravan park on January 13. He also said “no comment” during police interviews.

The court was told Jimmy Price pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice last month, after moving the Ford Transit Connect van from Bickershaw Lane to Belmont Avenue.

Peter Connors has several previous convictions, the jury heard, including burglaries, thefts and handling stolen goods. He was convicted of intimidating witnesses in June last year.

David Connors has convictions including being carried in a motor vehicle taken without consent, aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving, handling stolen goods and theft.

Billy had a conviction for common assault and battery, following an incident on the street in the early hours in November 2014.

In a statement, his mother Sylvia Mitchell said he was "fearless", “frightened of nothing”, was “quite handy with his fists” and broke his hand during a fight with someone who was bullying his friends. He would be “very moody” if he did not have cannabis every day.

Mr Pownall has convictions for drugs offences dating back to the 1990s and for conspiracy to rob in 2012, after drugs worth tens of thousands of pounds were stolen from a drug dealer.

Peter Connors and David Connors, 24, of Layton Street Caravan Park, Layton Road, Preston, both deny murder.

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