Detective piece together final movements of Manchester bomber

Detectives investigating the movements of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi have released new photos of a car he is thought to have used.

Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 7:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 3:28 pm
A white Nissan Micra thought to have been used by Salman Abedi

Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson said: “Our investigation into the attack at Manchester Arena is making progress and we have now released several more photos, as we continue to track the movements of Salman Abedi in the days before.

“As part of the investigation we have seized a car, a white ‘old style’ Nissan Micra with an ‘R’ registration plate, from Devell House in Rusholme, Manchester on Friday 2 June 2017.

“Forensic examination has uncovered significant evidence inside. We now need any information you might have about this holdall. Did you see someone in the Rusholme area with this holdall or recognise the one on the photo?

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“Our investigation has also revealed that Abedi made repeated trips to and from this car between 18 and 22 May 2017 and we believe he was taking items from the car to help assemble the device.

“The car was sold by a previous keeper on 13 April 2017.

“Abedi left the country on 15 April and it is vital that we understand what happened to this car during these few days between 13 and 15 April.

“We need to know who was in the car and where the car went. You may have seen the car and not realised at the time but it could have stopped at a newsagents or a supermarket – did you see the car and its occupants during these dates?

“The inquiry is making significant progress, we have made more arrests and have corroborated the accounts of some people we have released.

“We know Abedi bought some of the parts of the device after landing back in the UK and although his final acts on the night seem to have been alone, this doesn’t mean that he did not have support in planning this attack and it is vital that we exhaust all our lines of enquiry to establish how this was planned and understand how others might have been involved.

“We also appeal to anyone who knew Abedi or his close associates to come forward. Did you notice anything suspicious about him or people he associated with. This information could be vital in piecing together what happened.

“Although it is positive that we are making significant progress, we still need you to help us build a picture of exactly what led to this atrocity.”