‘Dishonest’ doctor is struck off

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A DOCTOR who applied for a job with a primary care trust in Wigan withheld information about an investigation into his performance.

Dr Abdul Razzaq Qazi had applied for a position with Ashton, Leigh and Wigan NHS Primary Care Trust (ALWPCT) but failed to inform the trust that he was facing charges which he was eventually struck off for.

Dr Qazi was struck off from the General Medical Council’s list of approved doctors following a tribunal in Manchester.

The GMC heard how Dr Qazi applied for the job at Wigan last year, but failed to declare that conditions had been imposed on his registration and that he was the subject of a GMC investigation.

He also applied to work for NHS Dumfries and Galloway while suspended from the medical register last year.

Dr Qazi was summoned to a fitness to practice hearing in Manchester, which started last Thursday, to face charges. He did not attend the General Medical Council hearing.

It was found that, following an assessment in July 2010, Dr Qazi’s professional performance fell below the acceptable standard required.

The panel said: “Dr Qazi committed a number of serious deceptions. He provided false information about his clinical performance to a number of prospective employers and also to his regulatory body, the GMC.

“By failing to disclose his professional performance problems, which had led to his suspension, he gave a false account of his fitness to practice.

“That information, if relied upon, could have led to patients being treated by a doctor whose skills and knowledge was below the required standard and therefore, could have placed them at considerable risk.”

The panel also decided to strike off Dr Qazi for dishonesty.

He has 28 days to appeal against the decision.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway stated that he was employed for a brief period but has now confirmed that this information was inaccurate and related to another doctor with the same surname who worked for the health board last year.