Don’t fall foul of this latest phone fraud

Jean Morris
Jean Morris
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A WIGAN woman is warning others not to be taken in by promises of a big telephone loan interest payout - as it is a scam.

Jean Morris, 62, of Ashton, was suspicious when she received a phone call from someone claiming to be acting on behalf of the government’s High Commissioners to give her back any interest she had paid on her loans and credit cards.

The man - who said he was called Michael Brooks from the UK HIgh Court Commission - said she was owed £6,529.

All she had to do was pay £129 to Western Union, via Co Op Travel and she would have her cheque delivered.

But Jean, a former district nurse, checked with the Co Op Travel store, in Ashton, and a member of staff confirmed that it was a hoax.

Jean said: “The man said he was pleased to tell me he had got back £6,529.

“He said it would be delivered to me at 2pm on a certain day.

“I was given an address for Western Union and I was told my cheque for £129 would not be put through until the cheque for £6,529 for me was cleared, so I had no worries.

“He gave me his details and the name of an agent I have to ask for when I go to the Co-Op Travel - A J Ayjay - in Delhi, India.

“The man has phoned me back a few times to check I have paid and he told me someone had been to drop the cheque off, but I know no-one has been.

“He asked whether I had paid the fee and I said no and that I was not as gullible as he thought and he hung up.

“It is evil because they are targeting retired people.

“For someone who is hard up and has had loans will think it is great to get some money back.”

Both Co Op Travel and Western Union confirmed this was a scam.

A spokesman from Western Union said: “Our recommendation to any customer is to never send money to someone they don’t know.

“Also, it is prudent to be suspicious of any call or email asking for money as a down payment for lottery winnings or in this case, a large sum of money.”