Dozens of cars in Wigan have their windows smashed after yob goes on rampage

Dozens of Wigan residents are outraged after waking up to find that their car windows had been smashed by a vandal.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 2:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th May 2019, 3:51 pm
One of the cars with a smashed windscreen

People living in Golborne were faced with a trail of destruction after a man went on a rampage through the town in the early hours of Saturday morning, reportedly smashing the windscreens of more than 30 cars.

Several CCTV systems picked up footage of a man running through the streets, stopping to jump on car bonnets and smash the windows with his feet.

In other footage, windows can be heard shattering before the man is seen running off down the street.

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The offender, who has not been apprehended, is reported to have targeted vehicles on Bank Street, Ivy Road, Hazel Grove and Heyward Avenue.

Police have been made aware of the incident.

On Saturday morning, officers for Leigh, Atherton and Hindley reported the incidents on their social media page, saying that only four people out of the dozens affected had made an official complaint.

Residents in the affected areas have taken to Facebook, calling the incident “senseless” and “shocking”.

One person wrote: “Just seen three cars which are parked outside their houses. All have smashed window screens, done deliberately.

“What a world we live in.”

Another said: “A random act of madness from what appears to be a young boy under the influence.”

Residents are reportedly angry that they have not yet received a visit from police officers regarding the incident, claiming that victims have only been given a crime reference number so that they can claim on their insurance.

And there have been public disputes between the victims and police officers over how many incidents have been reported.

Officers commented on their social media account saying: “Only four were reported to us. Apparently Facebook says 60, so that must be true.”

A disgruntled resident responded: “I reported mine and I know more than four were reported for a fact.”