Drink led to knife attack

A MAN stabbed his older brother in the back with a large kitchen knife after a drunken row.

The knife punctured Lee Knowles’ right lung and injured his throat but a court heard that he has forgiven his brother, Sean.

Lee, 22, staggered next door, after Sean ran off, and a shocked neighbour answered the door to find him with the knife still embedded in his back.

He called an ambulance and when he asked who was the culprit Lee said it was not important who it was and he never made a statement to the police, said Karen Brooks, prosecuting at Liverpool Crown Court.

Sean returned to the scene shouting, “I’m sorry” and “don’t let my brother die” before running off again.

His girlfriend, Jade Nicholson, who had witnessed the lunch-time incident in the brothers’ home, and initially chased after him, returned to find Lee looking pale and with his lips turning blue.

The victim was rushed to Wigan Infirmary where a chest drain was inserted but he was then transferred to Wythenshaw cardio-thoracic unit where the knife was removed in theatre.

He had suffered a punctured right lung and injuries to his trachea.

Lee Knowles wrote a letter to the court saying he had forgiven his brother and they were still close.

Judge John Roberts sentenced him to 29 months imprisonment and made an indefinite restraining order banning him from communicating with his former girlfriend and approaching within 200 metres of her home.

Knowles, of Fieldhead Road, Tyldesley, had admitted wounding 32-year-old Lee with intent on November 6 last year.

Mrs Brooks told the court that the brothers rowed after drinking and Sean went into the kitchen. He came out with the knife and stabbed Lee who was standing with his back towards him.

Steven Swift, defending, said that the defendant has no previous convictions and normally a “wholesome individual”.

“It was a one-off out of character drunken fight with his brother resulting in serious injuries.”