Driver caught over limit just yards from his home

Police are diverting traffic away from Burniston
Police are diverting traffic away from Burniston

A MAN has been banned from the roads after being caught drink-driving, travelling just a mile from his home.

Daniel Buckley of Fielders Close, Poolstock, pleaded guilty to driving his girlfriend’s vehicle after consuming more alcohol than above the legal limit at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard he was found with 58 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 mililetres of breath.

Police stopped the Vauxhall Corsa on Fielders Drive at around 3am on August 22 after believing he was over the limit.

Prosecuting Tess Kenyon told the court that Buckley said to officers “I’m well over. Can you not just let me go I only live there.”

Defending himself, Buckley explained he had consumed around eight cans of lager that evening before driving to the shop two hours later. When asked by magistrates how far that was, Buckley replied: “It was in walking distance.”

The defendant was disqualified from driving for 16 months and ordered to pay a fine of £130, costs of £85, charges of £150 and a £20 victim surcharge.