Drug addict burgled his own mother's home after leaving jail

A drug addict was caught burgling his own mother's home just a week after being let out of jail.

Wednesday, 1st August 2018, 3:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st August 2018, 4:48 pm
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court

And in a devastating impact statement the court heard how Anthony Connor, from Marsh Green, has been disowned by his family who believe he can only live behind bars.

A crown court judge will now have to decide what happens to Connor, who pleaded guilty to trespassing in the property on Poolstock Lane with intent to steal and two incidents of thefts from Wigan town centre shops.

As the offences took place just a week after prison release on licence Connor was immediately recalled to custody, with the bench also ordering him to be remanded in jail until his next court date.

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Wigan magistrates heard Connor was found in the house at about 4.30pm on July 21 by his mother Lesley. She was shocked as he had got in while she was out running errands and she had previously made it very clear he was not welcome there.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, said wardrobes had been opened and rummaged through, the cover of an iPad had been removed and Ms Connor subsequently discovered Connor, of Viscount Road, had taken £14 from a glass jar.

He had got into the house through a small, slightly-open window to an upstairs room at the back as every other entry point was shut and locked.

A mobile phone and a syringe were found on the floor of the room where he had been and ornaments had been knocked off where he had gained access.

Mrs Beattie also told how earlier that day Connor, 31, had been caught taking steak from Marks and Spencer in Wigan and when apprehended also had an electric toothbrush pinched from Wilko on him.

In a powerful personal statement Ms Connor told how the incident was “the final straw”.

She said: “This was lower than low. He’s taken everything of any value. He was trying to take the computer and tablet and he would have taken them and sold them for drugs.

“He will never get back on track and I don’t believe he can live outside of prison. I want nothing more to do with him.”

Connor admitted he had been stealing to fund his drug habit as he had no source of income since being released from prison.

Bob Toppin appeared in court to defend Connor but said there was little he could say on his client’s behalf if he was being recalled to prison.

Connor will now be sentencced by a judge at Bolton Crown Court on August 28.