Drug use led to offences

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A SERIAL offender has been jailed for six months after breaking into a car and stealing a wallet while still subject to two previous community orders.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how Darren Kay has 29 convictions for 49 offences and was given a three-month curfew for the attempted theft of a vehicle at the beginning of March, just a month after he was given a community order and a drug rehabilitation requirement.

In the early hours of Monday morning Kay, 29, of Warrington Lane, Wigan, smashed the window of one car parked outside the Upper Morris Street Working Man’s Club before taking a wallet and a can of lager out of another nearby.

He pleaded guilty to both charges.

The court heard how police received information about a man who was seen to cause damage to a Nissan car but when they attended the scene there was nobody around, so they made some further inquiries and found Kay.

He had on him a wallet with documentation in the name of Lee Bamber, so police went to Mr Bamber’s house where the victim discovered his wallet had been taken from his car.

Kay was arrested and in a police interview he said that despite being under curfew he had been ‘mooching’ around the Scholes area since 9pm the previous day.

He told police he had taken heroin and benzodiazepine, which he said makes him impulsive and affects his memory.

Defending, Andrea Woods, said: “My Kay accepts that he has been very foolish. When he was initially given a curfew he was told he could stay at a friend’s house only to find that his friend had changed his mind.

“So as a consequence of this he came back to the court the next day to change his address, but the second address hasn’t been a success either.

“He realises he has been foolish and has long standing drug misuse issues but says that he wants to continue to address them.”

Kay’s community orders were revoked and he was re-sentenced for the crimes he committed in February and given a six month jail sentence.