Drunk teen hurled abuse at Wigan police investigating scene where body was found

A drunk teenager hurled abuse at Wigan police officers who were investigating the scene where a body was found.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 10:22 am
Updated Monday, 26th November 2018, 11:25 am
Police at the scene in Marsh Green

Lewis Gregory, 18, shouted vile abuse at officers who were in the Marsh Green area on November 5.

And although it was not revealed in court, it is believed the police were containing an area of marshland where the body of John Heyes had been found.

An inquiry into the 35-year-old’s death is continuing and currently still “unexplained.”

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Police at the scene in Marsh Green

Appearing before Wigan magistrates, Gregory, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to using threatening words or behaviour.

It was around 9.30pm on November 5 when a constable heard a voice shout “**** the police.” He turned around to see a male walking towards him. The constable asked him to stop, but the tirade continued.

Gregory left the scene before the situation could escalate, but returned a short while later, and began abusing the police again.

In bizarre scenes, he took his shirt off and started shouting loudly while kicking the metal shutters of a nearby shop after which he was arrested.

Gregory gave no explanation for his actions when asked by the clerk, but nodded in agreement when asked if he’d had too much to drink that day. It was revealed that Gregory was unemployed and had been “sofa surfing,” staying at various friends and family members’ houses.

Again, he said nothing when asked by the bench if we wanted to apologise for his actions.

“Drinking caused you to lose control of your behaviour,” he was told by the bench.

Gregory was given a conditional discharge for his actions, but argued with justices who handed him a £105 fine. He contested that the fine was too large, given his lack of employment, adding that he was not receiving benefits either.

But the fine was upheld, and was warned there would be “dire consequences” if the money was not paid.

He was urged to “go right across the road” to the Wigan job centre and book an appointment to apply for benefits.