Eviction threat for woman


A WIGAN woman could be kicked out of her home if her boyfriend stays over for more than two nights a week.

Deliah James, 34, of Heber Street in Ince, was served a Postponed Possession Order by Wigan County Court.

The order states that Ms James’ partner Wesley Howard must not visit between the hours of 10pm and 9am except between Wednesday evening and Friday morning.

Ms James’ landlord Riverside took legal action against Ms James following complaints by her neighbours about loud music being played in the early hours of the morning. Ms James admitted that Mr Howard would often play music to drown out the noise of arguments between the couple.

The judge also took into account dog fouling in the back yard, which was so bad that Wigan Council served an Environmental Protection Notice on Riverside, and wilful damage to the property.

The order will remain in place for two years, until August 30, 2015.